P09454: Design and Testing of Centrifugal Pump Components

Select Product Concept(s)

Product Concepts

The previous section (concept generation) outlines the the thought process of the team arriving at the decision to further pursue improvement in the following areas. Of the 11 concept areas originally chosen, the team has decided to move forward with only 9: Impellers, Diffusers, Volute, Housing, Draining, Sealing, Housing Fastening, Impeller/Diffuser Fastening and Risers. The concepts selected here will be further analyzed in the following section.

Impellers & Diffusers


Housing Redesign


Draining Pump

Impeller/Diffuser Fastening


Systems Integration

The following diagrams show the integration of the system by illustrating the system architecture and a system assembly drawing.

System Architecture Diagram

Final Pump Assembly