P09457: Process Improvement Project


Table of Contents

Consignment Control Procedure

Customer Needs

Current State

Current State Flow of Checkout Procedure

Note: Files are Microsoft Visio format

Control Procedure Action Plan

Action Plan for Control Procedure


An affinity exercise was completed to develop a list of possible concepts. From this list we were able to filter down to 4 different options which we listed positives and negatives for each.

Affinity Exercise Results

Future State

Lottery Ticket 4 Block

Barcode Scanner 4 Block

Material Handler 4 Block

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The Dresser-Rand Olean plant is currently going through the process of developing a new control system to track all of their parts. At this time it does not seem feasible to fully implement an expensive change that may be scrapped a year from now. That being said, it is recommended that the low cost solution be implemented in order to ensure yellow ordering cards are being filled out. This has zero negative impact on current operations as the system is already in place.

An additional study would need to be performed to determine the effects that a material handler (water spider) would have on the overall system. There is not enough data to show the ROI value at this time. The amount of information and data needed could provide for a Senior Capstone project.

Consignment Ordering and Kaizen

Customer Needs

Current State

Current State Flow of Ordering Procedure

Ordering Process Action Plan

Action Plan for Ordering Process


The following excel file has several different charts on several different tabs conveying information on usage. The raw data was also included in order to make additional graphs out of the data.

Consignment Graphs and Usage Data

The Kaizen event plan shows results based on the Kaizen completed.

Kaizen Event Plan