P09503: Electrophotographic Development and Transfer Station

Mission Statement

Table of Contents

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Product Description/Project Objective Statement

The objective of this project is take an inactive electrophotographic development and transfer station and to make it functional and to improve the usability of the current station.

Key Business Goals/Project Deliverables

Primary Market/Project Opportunities

The primary application for this device is in EP and Printing Labs that need flexibility to vary both the printing materials and the printing process parameters in order to better understand and improve the performamce of these printing systems.

Secondary Market/Project Opportunities

A secondary application of this device is in layered manufacturing apparatus.

Assumptions and Constraints

The key constraint in this project is that most of what is needed for this project should already be available. The budget is very limited and the team will have to be creative to use the existing device, as well as scrapped printers to acquire the majority needed materials. That is not to say that quality will have to be sacrified. The device itself has and the lab owns fairly sophisticated equipment that will be available to the project team. The team should proceeded to identify what is desired, and it is expected that certain materials (sensors, for example) will need to be purchased, however it should be understood upfront that compromises may have to be made.


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