P09505: Low Energy Printing (Xerox)

Staffing Requirements

Name Discipline Role / Skills
Bill Nowak ME Faculty Guide, Will work closely with the team on an on-going basis to facilitate success.
Marcos Esterman ISE Faculty Consultant, Will provide discipline technical support on an intermittant basis.
TBD TBD Teaching Assistant
Joshua Jones ME Project manager, will assist other team members as needed, but primarily ensure the project stays on track. Responsible for planning, conducting meetings, and project progress documentation. Will be accountable for ordering parts and approving any designs before they are presented in the design reviews. Will also ensure the group does not exceed budget and maintains good standing with customer and other stakeholders in the project. Needs strong leadership skills, communication skills, presentation skills, and a good handle on a variety of engineering subjects.
Whitney Domigan ME Primarily responsible for design of printing components and testing of hardware. Responsible for assembly and drawing of mechanical components, including printing systems, and any hardware needed for testing of the imaging platform. Should have strong CAD skills. Needs strong mechanics background, Strong design and drafting skills, Structural and thermal analysis skills, teamwork skills, and must be able to work effectively with others or by themselves.
Andrzej Lubaszka EE Responsible for design, diagnostics, integration of electrical systems. Will ensure electrical components operate effectively. This student will share in programming of any control systems with the ME. Imaging processing experience useful but not needed. Needs strong electrical systems background, teamwork skills, and the ability to work without direct supervision.
Jenna Kilroy ISE Responsible for integration of electrical and mechanical systems as well as documentation of component systems. Will be responsible for ensuring components use as little energy as possible. Also responsible for ensuring electro-mechanical processes are efficient. Needs strong systems integration background, data acquisition skills, teamwork skills, and the ability to work without direct supervision.