P09561: Visible Spectrum Imaging System

Team Roles

Team Roles
Name Discipline Role / Skills
Ray Ptucha CE / Kodak Faculty Guide, Will work closely with the team on an on-going basis to facilitate success.
Dr. Salvaggio Imaging Science Faculty Customer, Will provide discipline technical support on an intermittent basis.
David Lewis ME Co-Project Manager, Camera Mounting, Structural Design
Stephen Sweet ME Co-Project Manager, Vibration Isolation and Reduction, Interface between P09231, P09232, and P09233
Leonard Calabrese CE Software Development: Architecture and Functional Modules
Darrell Draper CE Hardware development: Microcontroller and Expansion Module Selection and Integration
Jason Thibado EE Software Development: Interface with Camera and Collect Measurements from P09233
Joanna Dobeck EE Power Supply and Regulation, Electrical Hardware Development

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