P09571: Space Weather Observatory to Monitor Ionosphere


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RIT is deploying several radio frequency receivers across the campus. These will act as antenna elements for a Space Weather Observatory that will monitor ionospheric structures in real time. This data will be correlated to data from various spacecraft that have been positioned between the earth and the sun to measure changes in the flow of ions from the sun. Sudden bursts of these ions have been known to induce large ground currents that, in turn, have caused failures in the power grid. Moreover, NASA has recently announced (late October, 2008) that they have confirmed the existence of magnetic portals that transport these ions at extremely high density and deposit them in a random walk fashion across the earth's ionosphere. One of the additional missions of the Observatory will be to try to capture real time images of the termination points of these portals at the ionosphere. Over time, three dimensional tomography techniques will be developed to produce 3D movies of the ionosphere as it changes through the day.

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Space Weather Observatory to Monitor Ionosphere
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Dr. Roger Dube (CIS)/Marcos Esterman (ISE)
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Bill Nowak (Xerox)
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Dr. Roger Dube
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Explaining solar storms

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