P09701: Corning Tropel LightGage Metrology System

Week 5:System Level Design Review

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Deliverables (by Friday 1/16/09)

All documents generated by the P09701 team during Week 5 of MSD1 are to be posted here.
Design Review: Friday 16 January 2008, 11am to 12:30pm in Xerox Auditorium

MSD1 Week 5 System Level Design Review

How the system works:

1 System begins in the elevated position, held above posts by air cylinders. This allows user to place part on harp and/or change post size between measurements.


2. User places part on harp, enters part size into recipe, and presses measure button in TMS.

3. Top head is lowered onto posts and air cylinders disengage from top plate--top LightGage head is now resting solely on the three posts.


4. LightGage system will measure part and process data.

5. Once system is finished measuring part, air cylinders will extend once again, allowing user to remove part or change posts. User can choose to disable motions if they wish to measure the same part multiple times.

public/Electronic and motion.png

public/calibration mode.png

public/operation mode.png

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Design Review Slides

Full Design Review Presentation

Design Review Feedback

Notes from discussion during MSD system level design Why not motors rather than pneumatics?


o How vertical can the pneumatics be? o Repeatable? o Accurate when placed back down? Avoid set-up time and air situation by creating a drawer type system More weight to reduce settling time

Thermal cycling? not in spec Think about not only motion mistakes, but incorrect part mistakes, large mistakes and small mistakes Voice vibration and sound? (will subtle noise be an issue? Worried about rate of change

Watch the way micrometers are mounted (dropping particles, searing of surfaces, etc.)

If lead time on a part is too long, find a replacement or redesign Reduce air elements to 3, one at each micrometer

Simplify micrometer process (change over time? 5 mm?) Thread the posts? Place tutorials/help into software, integrate posts (tell user which to use) etc. Adjust micrometers before it is lowered as a failsafe for their parallelism.

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