P09701: Corning Tropel LightGage Metrology System

Week 5:The Build

Week 5: The Build (by Friday 4/10/09)

All documents generated by the P09701 team during Week 5 of MSD2 are to be posted here.

MSD2 Week 5 Progress

Wednesday's News

1. Motors are moving!

2. Unfortunately, one of the motors does not work--need to return to vendor for replacement.

Tuesday's News

1. Keyence thrubeam mount modified and attached to top plate.

2. Parts test-fitted to official granite tabletop--everything fits perfectly. Looks great! Pics to come...

3. It is believed that all fasteners have been acquired.

4. Workarounds found for missing threads.

5. Solution found for preventing actuator posts from leaving their holes (fender washers!)

6. CAT5 cable acquired for electrical hookup.

7. New table top acquired for mounting things to:

8. Turns out there are only 2 of the vee-pads in stock that we need. OOPS! I found another pad that is a bit thicker. I think I can have one invar post modified so it will fit. Crisis averted. On that note, the micrometers sit in the vee-pads perfectly!

9. Wednesday I will bring tabletop and parts back to RIT for assembly. Air legs will follow once I can find a car big enough (doesn't fit thru my car door).

New Images

Image:assy1.jpg Image:assy2.jpg Image:assy3.jpg Image:assy4.jpg Image:assy5.jpg Image:assy6.jpg Image:assy7.jpg Image:assy8.jpg Image:assy9.jpg