P09701: Corning Tropel LightGage Metrology System

Week 8:Detailed Design

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Deliverables (by Friday 2/6/09)

All documents generated by the P09701 team during Week 8 of MSD1 are to be posted here.

News for Week 8

Met with customer on 2/6/09 to discuss team budget and Bill of Materials.

Initially, Corning Tropel allocated $5000 to this project. $3000 of this was to cover "administrative costs," while the remaining $2000 was to cover the team's material expenses. It was understood by the customer, though, that this would probably not be an adequate amount of money and that the team would have to request more funding to complete the project.

At the time of the agreement, it seemed feasible that the team would be able to increase their budget as necessary. However, given the current economic climate, all non-crucial expenses have been frozen--so the current budget of $2000 is all that is available to the team to cover all expenses.

During Week 7, the team presented the customer with a Costed Bill of Materials totaling around $5500.

On 2/6/09, the team met with the customer and learned that they would not be able to increase the project's budget and proceeded to make cuts in the Bill of Materials to cut costs below $2000. The edited bill of Materials can be seen here.

The changes are as follows:

NOTE: Scope of project remains unchanged. Thanks to the donation of the Keyence Sensor by Dr. Raisanen, only part of that subsystem has been eliminated and key functionality remains intact.

Working Bill of Materials

Costed BOM as of 2/6/09

Design Progress Pictures