P09701: Corning Tropel LightGage Metrology System

Week 8:The Build Continues

Week 8: The Build Continues (by Friday 5/1/09)

All documents generated by the P09701 team during Week 8 of MSD2 are to be posted here.

MSD2 Week 8 Progress

Monday's News

1. Air table is floating! It pretty much eliminates the vibrations we were seeing in the live video--this should translate into better measurements!

2. LightGage has been re-focused. Image is now MUCH clearer and measurement data is orders of magnitude better. See pictures below...

Image:screenshot1.jpg Image:screenshot2.jpg Image:screenshot3.jpg

3. The measurement data seen above is proof that the dual head concept we are proposing will work. Next step is showing repeatability with head lifting and lowering onto posts.

4. The orange in the leftmost image is the bottom fizeau, and the green is the part feature we are anaylzing. This kind of resolution will allow us to get a direct thickness measurement from the part (once we figure out the correct maps to use in the recipe--need to ask Chris Lee how he does it), which was one of Tropel's goals with this project.

Wednesday's News

1. Ben has successfully gotten the actuators to move in parallel! We are one step closer to lifting the top head off the posts!

2. Third actuator has been returned from Mirai and can now be used in conjunction with the other 2 functioning actuators.

3. Meeting has been set up @ Tropel for Friday to integrate actuators into TMS so we can run all motions and measurements through the same software package.