P09701: Corning Tropel LightGage Metrology System

Customer Constraints

P09701's Mission:
Design, build, and test a fully functional prototype of the 2nd generation LightGage Metrology System. See the "Detailed Course Deliverables" section for more specifics.

Customer and Sponsor Involvement

The team's main contact--the customer and sponsor--will be Tom Dunn at Corning Tropel. Because the goal of this project is to develop a product for Corning Tropel, they will be heavily involved throughout MSD1 and MSD2.

The sponsor will be available throughout the whole process and expects the team to meet with him and his team multiple times throughout MSD1 and MSD2. The sponsor will meet with the team during the beginning of MSD1 to lay out common goals, objectives, and philosophies for P09701. It is anticipated that the sponsor will meet with the team for 2 hour meetings approximately 4 times during senior design 1, and twice (or more) during senior design 2. The sponsor will participate with team communications electronically, through the web site as well, and is available if the team has any questions related to the project.

It is also anticipated that some of the meetings will take place at Corning Tropel, especially in the beginning stages when the team is getting introduced to the LightGage system and the technology.

Regulatory Requirements


Project Budget and Special Procurement Processes

Corning Tropel has made it clear that they will cover all material expenses for this project. There is not yet a set budget. However, before MSD1 is to begin, it is expected that a rough budget will have been agreed upon. See the resources node for more details.

Each team will be required to keep track of all expenses incurred with their project.

Purchases for this track will be run through Dr. Wayne Walter.

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