P09701: Corning Tropel LightGage Metrology System

Grading and Assessment Scheme

Grade Level MSD I MSD II
D Team did not do the necessary work required--did not put in the time or effort necessary to complete the design. Complete lack of documentation, analysis and professionalism. System is incomplete, parts have not arrived on time, and team is in disarray. No final product to deliver to the customer.
C Design is mostly finished, but does not solve the problem effectively. Obvious lack of effort on the part of the team, and loose ends remain. The customer is not very happy with the design and expresses doubts. General lack of organization, effort, and motivation. System is incomplete, but shows some functionality. Much of the system integration has yet to be completed and many bugs remain in the system. Product is able to measure a part, but is not able to display it accurately or repeatably. System cannot be used effectively by a non-engineer, and is prone to crashing. Product is sub-par.
B Design is complete, but not all specifications were met. Team did not go above and beyond what was required, but merely successfully performed what was asked. Design is not very robust, and some technical issues still remain. Team was motivated and worked well together but did not put in all the time or effort necessary to optimize the design before MSD2. Final product is complete and working. Most all target specifications have been met, but measurements are not repeatable or as accurate as they should be. Some bugs remain and system is has not been optimized for everyday use. Most all documentation is complete, but some loose ends remain. Overall, product does what it should, but not as well as would be liked.
A Team has completed the design and ordered the parts needed for MSD2. The customer has approved of the design and is impressed with the team's progress and motivation. Team went above and beyond what was necessary, provided all documentation to the customer, developed an experimental plan for MSD2, and is ready to begin MSD2 with all resources in place. Design is robust and faculty consultants have signed off on the design. Product meets all customer specs, has been tested and has proven that it can accurately, repeatably, and automatically measure both sides of a part. Product platform is flexible, easy to use, and cost-effective. All manufacturing documentation has been provided to the customer. An "A" in MSD2 means that Corning Tropel is impressed to the point where it would consider hiring team members for full-time positions.

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