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Project Overview

1-Page Project Summary

The mission of P09701 is to design, build and test a working prototype of the second generation Corning Tropel LightGage Metrology System.

"Corning's LightGage system is an advanced, full surface interferometer for measuring flatness, parellelism, and depth." It uses a tunable laser, an infrared camera and mathematical computer algorithms to accurately measure the surface features of a part--and then displays a topographical map of the part's surface and all relevant data to the user. Corning Tropel's first generation LightGage system can measure and characterize the bottom of a part's surface, but cannot characterize the top surface or the part thickness.

The task of developing the second generation LightGage system for Corning Tropel has been assigned to P09701. The MSD team will be responsible for taking the first generation LightGage system and redesigning it to measure both sides of a part as well as the part's thickness.

Due to the extreme accuracy needed from this product, the system will need to be isolated thermally, environmentally, optically, and must be completely isolated from vibration. This project will involve extensive electronics integration, mechanical design, thermal and vibrational analysis, as well as materials research and selection. Advanced optical sensors, linear stages, programming and data acquisition will be a large part of this project. This project will also emphasize usability and ergonomics, and user interfacing.

This project promises to be very challenging, but should also be very rewarding. Not only will students be working with cutting-edge optical and laser technology, but they will also be developing a product never before created in this form factor. Possible opportunities for future employment or co-op may also be considered if team members should have a desire and appear qualified.

The project marketing presentation can be found here.

Project Staffing
Name Discipline Contact Info
Matthew Bradley Mechanical Engineering mjb8482@rit.edu
Cara Portka Industrial & Systems Engineering csp1106@rit.edu
Benjamin Arkin Electrical Engineering bja1717@rit.edu
Nicholas Schneider Mechanical Engineering nms0286@rit.edu

Administrative Information

Project Name Corning Tropel LightGageTM Metrology System
Project Number P09701
Track Equipment Development
Start Term 200802
End Term 200803
Faculty Guide Dr. Alan D. Raisanen
Technical Consultant Dr. Edward Hensel, PE
Primary Customer Corning Tropel Corporation
Primary Customer Contact Information
Thomas J. Dunn, Ph.D.
Senior Optical Engineer
Metrology Instruments Group
60 O'Connor Road
Fairport, NY 14450
t 585 388 3500 (main)

Team Documents

Frequency-Scanning Interferometry Tech. Resources (Corning Tropel)
LightGage Tech. Paper 1
LightGage Tech. Paper 2
LightGage Tech. Overview
DPM Resources/Documents
Interview 1 Questions (3/20/08)
Interview 2 Questions (3/27/08)
Project Status Update (4/9/08)
Tentative MSD1 Schedule (4/14/08)
Meeting 3 Objectives/Questions (4/16/08)
Final Project Presentation (5/17/08)
5-Minute Commercial (5/20/08)
Useful Links
AirPot Corporation
P09701 Deliverables PowerPoint Template

Tech. Background Information

The following is a basic tech. summary of how the LightGage system works. It is highly recommended that each team member read--in detail--the documents listed above.
LightGage Optics (Courtesy of Corning Tropel)

LightGage Optics (Courtesy of Corning Tropel)


MSD 2 200803

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DPM 200703

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Published Documents

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