P09701: Corning Tropel LightGage Metrology System

Mission Statement

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Collecting Project Background Raw Data

The purpose of this page is to establish the scope and mission of the project, as well as provide technical background information; in the form of published papers, documents provided by the customer, and other sources. This page is to serve as the starting point for a Senior Design Team.

Interactions with Sponsors

Interactions with the Customer
Meeting Date Participants Meeting Summary
3/27/08 Matthew Bradley, Thomas J. Dunn, Ph.D Established customer needs, specs., technical background information, stakeholders, introduced to first generation LightGage, tour of facility.
4/18/08 Matthew Bradley, Thomas J. Dunn, Mark Tronolone Needs revised and finalized, rankings established, tech. background screened for accuracy, final questions answered.

Product Description/Project Objective Statement

LightGage<sup>TM</sup> Head (Courtesy of Corning Tropel)

LightGageTM Head (Courtesy of Corning Tropel)

LightGageTM Frequency Scanning Technology:
Corning Tropel's LightGage is a state-of-the-art metrology system that uses traditional phase interferometry as well as light source frequency modulation to deliver high resolution part measurement data. The system relies on a tunable infrared laser to measure with extreme accuracy parallelism, surface height, and surface flatness; and is designed to accommodate a 40mm maximum diameter part. To measure a part, the user simply places the part onto the glass Fizeau window of the device (which is typically offset-gapped by a fine wire lattice, or harp) for measurement; the device then uses TMS software to develop the proper "recipe" required to measure the desired part. In doing so, the system provides the user with very accurate, repeatable measurements with limited set-up time. However, the first generation LightGage system can only measure one side of a part.
The complete Corning Tropel LightGage tech. overview presentation can be found here.
Mission Statement: LightGageTM Gen.2:
The primary focus of Corning Tropel's partnership with RIT is for a MSD team to develop a system around the LightGage sensors that would allow for both sides of an object to be measured simultaneously. In order to achieve this, two heads (pictured, right) will be aimed at one another. Again, a maximum part size of 40mm would be used for the dual-headed system. The team will need to develop a fixture capable of supporting the two heads as well as the part being measured.
Major design considerations and customer needs can be found here.

Key Business Goals/Project Deliverables

LightGage Gen.2 System Layout (Courtesy of Corning Tropel)

LightGage Gen.2 System Layout (Courtesy of Corning Tropel)

Primary Market/Project Opportunities

Secondary Market

Assumptions and Constraints


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