P09701: Corning Tropel LightGage Metrology System

Staffing Requirements

Due to the commercial nature and extremely beneficial experience gained during the course of this project, Corning Tropel would expect an exceptional group of students to be employed to fulfill the project requirements. Possible opportunities for future employment or co-op may also be considered if team members should have a desire and appear qualified. If possible, Corning Tropel would request to reserve the right to screen senior design team members.

The staffing requirement for this project are as follows:

  1. Project Manager (Mechanical Engineer)
  2. Mechanical Engineer
  3. Electrical Engineer
  4. Industrial & Systems Engineer

The staffing requirements and role/skills descriptions for the project are summarized in the table below.

Project Staffing
Name Discipline Role / Skills
Dr. Alan D. Raisanen IT Collaboratory, SMFL Faculty Guide. Dr. Raisanen is the Director of Technology at the IT Collaboratory and Associate Director of the Semiconductor & Microsystems Fabrication Lab (SMFL). He will work closely with the team during MSD1 and MSD2, providing technical expertise, design help, and part selection advising. Will serve as valuable resource to the team through the whole design process.
Dr. Edward Hensel Mechanical Engineering Technical Consultant. Dr. Hensel is the Head of the department of Mechanical Engineering, and along with Dr. Raisanen has offered his expertise to help the team through MSD1 and MSD2. Dr. Hensel has experience in many fields and will be a great resource to the team.
Matthew Bradley Mechanical Engineering Project Manager--responsible for most, if not all, of the team's administrative duties. This includes ensuring the project scope and plan are appropriate for the project schedule, maintaining open communication with the customer, and fully understanding the customer's needs. Project Manager will run meetings and ensure that the team stays on task and on schedule, as well as ensure that all resources are in place and available to the team as they are needed. The PM will maintain communication between all team members and ensure that each team member thoroughly understands the design challenge and is able to perform their respective roles effectively. PM will also be involved in mechanical design, documentation and fabrication for this project, and will also be called upon to perform some thermal and vibrational analysis. Student will be responsible for maintaining team morale and ethics.
Nicholas Schneider Mechanical Engineering Student will be involved extensively in mechanical design, documentation, and fabrication for the Dual Head LightGage. Areas of focus include materials research and selection, thermal and structural analysis, and aiding in part/motor selection. Technical drawing packages, computer models, and bill of materials will need to be generated. Student will also aid in system integration and manufacturing documentation. Materials, fabrication, and vibrations analysis will be very important, as environmental isolation and material selection is critical to the success of this project.
Benjamin Arkin Electrical Engineering Student will be asked to perform electrical system design for the 2nd generation LightGage Metrology System. Tasks include circuit design, simulation, and testing, part selection (motors, power supplies, etc), as well as extensive hardware/software integration. Student will also be involved in extensive computer interfacing and programming--adapting Corning Tropel's LightGage software and control system to work with new hardware. Other tasks include system verification, debug, and electrical system documentation.
Cara Portka Industrial & Systems Engineering Student will be asked to perform an array of tasks for this project, including feasibility and manufacturability studies, technical documentation, and aiding in schedule and project plan preparation. Due to the user-intensive nature of the LightGage system, ergonomics and ease-of-use assessments will be very important to this project, and need to be implemented in the design. There is also a focus on experimental design and planning in an effort to determine how the product will be tested for accuracy, repeatability, and reproduceability of measurements. Student will be called on to aid in fabrication of final prototype and system integration.

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