P09701: Corning Tropel LightGage Metrology System

Week 4

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Week 4: Electrical Assembly (by Friday 4/3/09)

All documents generated by the P09701 team during Week 4 of MSD2 are to be posted here.

MSD2 Week 4 Progress

1. Electrical wiring is nearly complete! Ben and I spent the first half of Friday wiring up all of our actuators to power and the Keyence sensor and it looks like we have figured it out. I have a piece of scrap aluminum I found lying around that I am going to drill some holes into so we can stick our terminal blocks and RS485-USB adapter to it. So things are looking good on that front. On Monday or Wednesday (remind me which--I forgot) Ben and I are going to work on installing the drivers on the computer and getting them to work--and maybe write some scripts or something.

2. Our parts are done! They are sitting in my trunk ready to be put together. Everything looks good--Ben and I mocked up one of the actuator mounts with all the brackets and it fits perfectly. Whether or not the other parts are correct--I don't know. The top plate hole pattern looks a little questionable (the 3 holes that the ThorLabs posts go into), but we can look into that on Monday. I grabbed as much hardware as I could to put it all together. Interestingly, Tropel has lots of M5 cap screws, but no nuts--so instead of M5 we are using 10-32 cap screws and nuts. So we are mixing units, but no big deal--we can make note of it.

Also, they don't have any M12 (I think that is what it is) set screws for the bottom of the invar posts, so we need to find some from somewhere. I may order some from McMaster with my credit card if necessary.

Another thing--in a back room we found a small optical bench that we can drill a 4" hole into (rather than a cast-iron core, this one has a corrugated plastic core). The good thing is it is only about 3" thick, so only the lightgage snout has to fit through--allowing us to have a smaller hole. I will bring this to RIT on Wednesday. It has a 1x1" 1/4-20 hole pattern on it (and of course we designed in metric) so we might have to drill and tap some extra holes, but it should not be a big deal. The thing only weighs like 30 lbs. So things are looking up--once again. And I think we can pull this off--with 2 heads! Tropel is committed to giving us 2 heads, so we are going to assume this is the case (with a small grain of salt).

Some Pictures From ProE

Below are some pictures of the current design (incorporating the new lifting scheme. Also the simple plate designed to test micrometer drift is shown.

Image:msd2_overview.jpg Image:msd2_lifts.jpg Image:mictest.jpg Image:mictest2.jpg

New Parts!

Image:parts1.jpg Image:parts2.jpg Image:parts3.jpg Image:parts4.jpg