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P09701: Corning Tropel LightGage Metrology System

Week 4 Deliverables

Table of Contents

Deliverables (by Friday 1/09/09)

All documents generated by the P09701 team during Week 4 of MSD1 are to be posted here.

MSD1 Week 4 Deliverables


Met with customer on 1/5/09 and learned the following:


What this means:
  1. Customer has decided to eliminate motors from system due to this new information.
  2. Customer did not realize that the system was so sensitive to drift and feels it is outside of the scope for this project to fully motorize head positioning
  3. Would make system too complex and expensive
  4. Head positioning will be manual for this iteration of the project--customer has chosen our "baseline" manual concept for development.
  5. System will be used to further understand how to implement dual-head LightGage system.
  6. System will use manual micrometers for fine adjust, but will be designed so micrometers can be replaced by actuators in future iterations.
Updated Product Specifications (Based on Customer Decision)

System Level Design: Establishing System Architecture

1. Create a schematic of the product.

public/step1visio.png public/step1.jpg

2. Cluster the elements of the schematic.

public/step2visio.png public/step2.jpg

3. Create a rough geometric layout.


3.5. Create a more detailed geometric layout.

public/concept3d_1.png public/concept3d_2.png public/concept3d_3.png

4. Identify the fundamental and incidental interactions.

public/step4visio.png public/step4.jpg

5. System Component Descriptions:
Motion Control:
Coarse: Designed to require minimal fine adjustment
Fine: Allow for nulling and fine adjustment
Part Detection: Prevents damage to LG Head
User interface:
Computer: Provides user interface with software and measurement control
Structure: Allows for part placement and height adjustment
Envelope: Provides isolation and structural support
6. System Component Solutions:
Motion Control:
Coarse: Invar post designed for specific "coarse adjustment"
Fine: Three Micrometers
Part Detection: Light Curtain informs use when part is within range
User interface:
Computer: Laptop isolated from product structure
Structure: Allows for part placement and height adjustment
Envelope: Airpel (or other pneumatic cylinder) used for lifting during part placement
Proof of Concept



Engineering Analysis

Thermal analysis of mechanical drift between LightGage heads:





Thermal Analysis.xlsx

For worst case with aluminum, a change of 113K would need to occur in 1 minute. This type of ambient temperature change is well outside of any realistic possibilities.


  1. Budget of $5000 not sufficient to successfully complete project--need to submit formal request to customer for more money.
  2. Note: If AirPel does not perform as expected, we could easily automate the lifting mechanism.
  3. Lead time on both procurement funds and parts (i.e.,Invar, DAQ, etc.)
  4. Parts manufacturing: Will/can parts be manufactured in-house RIT, in-house Tropel, or will they need to be outsourced.
  5. Specific system and subsystem concerns. (e.g., Power Outage, Part failure, etc)

Working Budget

The budget for the project has been initiated, and is awaiting quote responses from various vendors. (Estimated Completion: End of Next Week)
Material Budget:
Aluminum: ~$1000 (Precision Ground Stock)
Stainless Steel: ~$1600 (Precision Ground Stock)
Invar: >$1000 (estimated, awaiting quotes)
Fine Adjustment:
3x Digital Micrometers: $1000

Legacy Assignments

Head Lifting Mechanism Concept Selection:


Excel version of project schedule:


End of Day Supplement

Design review Preparation


Break Out Group Presentation Notes:
Action Item (Owner):
  1. Thicken Lines on Visio Docs (Nick)
  2. Check Micrometers ability to hold loads that will be seen. (ME's)
  3. Check Micrometers Drift Specs. (ME's)
  4. Check Micrometers Thermo Analysis (ME's)
  5. Vibes Calcs (ME's)
  6. Look into Airpel details (Team)
  7. Represent Cable Management in pics (Matt)
  8. More clearly present Thermal Analysis(Team)
  9. Explain Granite mounting limitations(Team)
  10. Show other concepts not selected (Team)
  11. Organize information (Team)

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