P09702: Gleason Gear Quenching Machine

Mission Statement

Table of Contents

Collecting Project Background Raw Data

Interactions with Sponsors

Project Sponsor: Alan Metelsky, Manager, Controls Engineer

Alan has been working with a team of engineers at Gleason Works, who have basically transferred the project to the Senior Design Team. Prior to the start of MSD I, their team had brainstormed a list of ideas for improvement/subsystems, which the team had access to and from which decisions were made.

Faculty Guide: John Kaemmerlen

What you need to capture in this section is the raw data that will allow you to complete the information in the remaining headings. The outcome of this sections need to be the following:

Product Description/Project Objective Statement

The product is the 537 Gleason Gear Quenching Machine, used in the gear-making process. Quenching is a process in which the gear is quickly removed from a high heat oven and quenched in cooling oil at a very fast rate in order to improve the gear's strength.

Key Business Goals/Project Deliverables

Gleason Work's goal is to be able to apply the new designs to as many new machines as possible, particularly a 20 unit order they have for the upcoming months. Not only will the team present redesign possibilities, but also a list of possible improvement areas that the team will record throughout the project when members survey the assembly of the machine and meet the operators.

Primary Market/Project Opportunities

Secondary Market/Project Opportunities

Assumptions and Constraints

All new designs will be considered as long as they are cost-justified. Gleason has a team of engineers that had been working in this project before the Senior Design team did, so they will provide valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement.


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