P09711: Packaging and Automation Improvement


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Wegmans bakes and packages all of their mini cookies at their bakeshop located here in Rochester on Brookes Avenue. Currently the packaging is done by six or seven people who stand around a conveyor and pull the cookies into the clam-shell packages. This leads to the problem of packing more cookies than needed into a package. The mini-cookie package calls for 397 grams worth of cookies but employees sometimes package up to 450 grams. This is a loss for Wegmans because customers are receiving more cookies than they are paying for. This project will look into building an automated prototype that will separate the cookies into the correct amount by weight, which the employees can then package.

public/Wegmans Cookie Line EDGE.jpeg

public/Wegmans Cookie Line EDGE.jpeg

Project Name
Automation/Improvement of Packaging on the Cookie Line
Project Manager
Stephanie Rager (slr7086@rit.edu)
Chief Engineer
Bruno Coelho (btc6677@rit.edu)
Project Number
Project Roadmap
R09710- Modern Food Processing and Bakery Technology for Lean Production Systems
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End Term
Faculty Guide
Professor Kaemmerlen (Industrial and Systems Engineering Department)
Faculty Consultant
Dr. Hoople (Electrical Engineering Department)
Industry Teaching Assistant
Phil Bryan
Primary Customer
Wegmans- Chris Isaacson & Scott Young

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