P09712: Commercial Roll Line Shrink Reduction


P09712 - Commercial Roll Line Shrink Reduction

Project Leads

Engineering Team

Project Summary Project Information

Project P09712: Commercial Roll Line Shrink Reduction, is sponsored by Wegmans. The project goals are to decrease the amount of wasted dough and baked rolls. Wegmans estimates between 5% and 10% are lost on a typical day of production on this line. They are treated as 'end of line' defects and considered waste.

We will be responsible for analyzing, suggesting, implementing, and recording the overall results of our actions. Our team will be providing support for the Wegmans bakery on Brooks Avenue in Rochester, NY. This bakery is responsible for the majority of the baked goods available in the 72 Wegmans stores.

Project Name
Commercial Roll Line Shrink Reduction
Project Number
Project Family
Modern Food Processing and Bakery Technology for Lean Production Systems
Start/End Term
Winter/Spring 2008
Faculty Guide
Prof. John Kaemmerlen (IE Department)
Teaching Assistant
Phil Bryan
Primary Customer

Mission Statement

The Wegmans Commercial Roll Line Shrink Reduction project will be completed at the Wegmans Brooks Avenue bakery location. The project will concentrate on eliminating wastes associated with current operations on the commercial roll production line. The project may be used as a tool to educate RIT students in Lean process improvement techniques and can be iterated many times in the future to provide additional benefits to both Wegmans and the RIT Senior Design Program.

2-Quarter Schedule

Track Phase I Phase II Phase III Phase IV
Commercial Roll Line Shrink Reduction Identify and construct current state value stream map Focus on the process improvement of a specific target area : Rounding, Proof Box, Oven, Quality Inspection, Bagging Re-evaluate flow of rolls, create a new benchmark. Formal presentation to stakeholders Reiterate process, focusing on low cost projects to improve line performance

Each iteration of this process will begin and end with stakeholder buy-in. An analysis of the above mentioned target areas (Rounding, Proof Box, Oven, Quality Inspection, Bagging) will be the guide as to where we will focus our efforts. Within each target area, specific goals will be set, and specific tools will be used to attain them. For example, introducing a standardized time that rolls are in the Oven, based on data collected.

MSDI Plan.doc
MSDII Plan.pdf


Weekly Project Plan and Activities Log
Updated 2/11
Proposal Documents
Proposal Ideas
Week 1 Deliverables Week 2 Deliverables Week 3 Deliverables Week 4 Deliverables Week 5 Deliverables
  • 1 Page Summary
  • 4 Slide Presentation
  • 3 Week Plan of Action
  • Preliminary Customer Needs
  • Customer Needs
  • Engineering Specifications
  • 2 Slide Presentation
  • Concept Generation
  • System Level Design Review Presentation
  • Design Review Package
  • Current State Value Stream Map
  • Team's Expectations
  • Engineering Specifications Rev5
  • Customer Needs Rev4
  • System Level Design Review Notes
Week 9 Deliverables Week 10 Deliverables
  • Detailed Design Review Presentation
  • Detailed Design Review Supplemental Packet
  • 3 Proposals and 1 Suggestion
  • Updated Proposals
  • Fishbone Diagram
  • Week 10 Presentation


Initial Documents Test Plan Documents Technical Paper Documents Poster Documents
Origins from MSD I, matched to MSD II
  • Customer Needs Rev5.xls
  • Engineering Specifications Rev7.xls
  • Risks.doc
  • Management.ppt
  • Keith Documentation.doc
  • Fishbone and MSD II.ppt
  • Rough Test Plan for K-roll.doc
  • Diagram end notes.doc
  • P09712 Test Plan Rev 0.doc
  • Technical Paper.doc Preliminary
  • P09712 Wegmans Imagine.pdf

Line Areas of Focus

K-Roll Related Documents Rack Loading Related Documents QC Defect Sorting Related Documents
  • K-Roll Procedure Checklist.xls
  • Data Collection Post-Procedure.xls
  • K-Roll Speeds.pdf


  • ProofBoxCalcs.xls

Rack Cover

  • Rack Cover Concept Generation.doc
  • Drop_In.pdf, Drop_In_Cover.pdf, Sleeve.pdf, Sleeve_Cover.pdf, Sleeve_Flat.pdf
  • SLEEV02.pdf, SLEEVE_03.pdf

QC Area

  • Detailed Defect Pic Checklist.xls
  • Roll Pic-Taking Procedure.doc
  • Visual Aids Template.xls. Preliminary


  • Visual Aid Stand Concept Generation and Final Designs.doc
  • Pro/E files: .prt, .asm, .drw, .frm
  • PDF's

Project Results/Data Pre & Post Implementations

Data Collection Documents Performance Management Sheets
Updated 04/27/09
  • K-Roll, Proof Box and Oven Data.xlsx

QC Area Data

  • Data Collection.xlsx
  • Data Collection.pdf
  • Data Collection Graphs.pdf
  • Results Summary Scaled.xlsx
  • Performance Management Steps.docx
  • Performance Management.docx
  • PM hierarchy.doc

Final Documents for MSD

Project Planning and Team Documents