P09712: Commercial Roll Line Shrink Reduction

Mission Statement

Table of Contents

Process Mission Statement

The Wegman's Commercial Roll Line Shrink Reduction project will be completed at the Wegman's Brookes ave. bakery location. The project will concentrate on eliminating wastes associated with current operations on the commercial roll production line. The project may be used as a tool to educate RIT students in Lean process improvement techniques and can be iterated many times in the future to provide additional benefits to both Wegmans and the RIT Senior Design Program.

Process Description/Project Objective Statement

The objective of the Commercial Roll Line Shrink Reduction project is to identify wastes associated with transportation, inventory, motion, over production, over processing and defects and reduce them. Other objectives include implementing flow, transforming current operations to lean processes, developing metrics, and researching and updating outdated bottleneck equipment.

Key Business Goals/Project Deliverables

The project will eliminate a portion of the 10% waste observed per day. Due to the large scope of the commercial roll line operation, a specific portion of the process will by examined and concentrated on in order to complete an improvement within 22 weeks. The first three weeks will focus on identifying specific areas on the line that will provide the most appropriate starting point.

Primary Market/Project Opportunities

The primary market for this project is Wegmans, specifically the commercial roll line where improvements will be made.

Secondary Market/Project Opportunities

RIT KGCOE Senior Design Instructors, Faculty Researchers, and Graduate Students.

Assumptions and Constraints

Issues and Risks


Scott Young - Initial point of contact at Wegmans bakery facility

Chris Isaacson - Industrial Engineer at the Wegmans bakery facility

Mike Least - Manufacturing Engineer

Keith Macmillan - Line Manager

John Kaemmerlen- Faculty Guide

Mark Smith - RIT Senior Design

Senior Design Team