P09713: Fresh Bread and Roll Scaling Room


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Fresh Bread and Roll Scaling Area

Project Summary Project Information

The Bread and Roll Scaling Room Project will be implemented at the Wegmans' Bakery facility located on Brooks Ave. in Rochester. The current process for measuring dry ingredients for the bread and roll products has poor ergonomics, a less than optimal workflow, and results in the double handling of materials. This project aims to design a layout for the new scaling area that promotes improved work flow and Lean practices, and to design a process and equipment that will improve ergonomics and allow for the sifting and screening of dry ingredients to improve product quality.

Project Commercial

Week 1 Presentation

Week 2 Presentation

Week 3 Presentation

Business Overview Presentation

Project Name
Bread and Roll Scaling Room
Project Number
Project Roadmap
R09710- Modern Food Processing and Bakery Technology for Lean Production Systems
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Prof. John Kaemmerlen
Industry Consultant
Phil Bryan
Primary Customer
Wegmans facility and employees, Scott Young, Chris Isaacson, and Mike Least

Project Planning and Scheduling

Team Contact List

Team Schedule

Project Plan

Action Items

Project Reviews

Project Review I (1/16/2009) - Define Phase Review and Measure Phase Status Update

Meeting Agenda


Notes, Action Items, Issues, and Decisions

Project Review II (2/13/2009) - Measure Phase Review and Analysis Phase Update

Meeting Agenda


Notes, Action Items, Issues, and Decisions

Test Planning

Preliminary Test Plan

Define Phase

Project Summary

Team Roles

Intellectual Property Considerations

Work Breakdown Structure

Customer Needs

Norms and Values

DMAIC Project Timeline

Measure Phase

Data Collection Plan

Layout Design Data Collection:

Storage Requirements Calculations

Current Scaling Area Layout

Process Improvement Data Collection:

Current Process Flow Diagram

Process Ergonomics Data Collection:

Summarized Injury Data

Summary of NIOSH and Snook Tables

Drawing of the Scaling Operation

Preliminary NIOSH Calculation

Snook Tables

Equipment Data Collection:

Sweco Separator

Sweco Dust Collection System

Project Specifications:

Project Specifications

Analyze Phase

Project Deliverables for Weeks 6 to 10

Layout Analysis

Preliminary Layout Analysis

Process Improvement Analysis

Preliminary Process Improvement Analysis

New Process Flow Diagram

Short-Term Storage Restocking Schedule

Process Ergonomics Analysis

Ergonomic Scenarios Spreadsheet

Ergonomic Analysis

Equipment Ergonomics Drawing

Ergonomic Specifications

Euipment Analysis

Equipment Analysis

Improve and Control Phases

Implementation Decisions

Implementation Risks Assessment and Mitigation

Kanban Testing and Results

Manual Simulation Output Spreadsheet

Kanban Simulation Program

Kanban Simulation for Peak Volumes

Scaling Layout Option 1

Scaling Layout Option 2

Ingredient Storage Locations

Implementation Cutover Plan

Storage Rack Heights Layout

Layout Verification

Ergonomics Verification

Process Improvement Verification

Assessment of Values and Norms

Equipment Design and Selection: Andrew Tsai and Grant Garbach

MSD II Action Items Documentations

Picture Documentation of Action Items From MSDI, Customer Needs, Customer Specs, and Eng Assumptions for MSDII

Picture of Engineering Analysis and Action Item 1 from MSDI

Wegmans Floor Layout for Sifter

Sifter Equipment Selection Documentations

Sifter Concept Selection Matrix

SWECO Separators

Sweco Separators (relative sizes square feet of screen surface)

Onsite ingredient screen size verification testing

Sifter Cleaning Procedure

Sifter Cleaning Procedure

Air Handling Equipment Project Define Documentations

Project Timeline

Team Roles

Work Breakdown Structure

Project Risks Assessment

Customer Needs

Preliminary Specifications:


Air Handling Equipment Objective Documentations

Performance Goals and Specifications

Statement of Design Objectives

Air Handling Equipment Project Concept Documentations

Pictures of Concept Generation on the Whiteboard:

Picture of Concept Generation

Picture of Engineering Analysis and Action Item 1 from MSDI

Picture of Engineering Analysis on Selected Concept

Concept Selection Tables:

Concept Selection for MSDII

Selected Concept

ProE Drawing Files:

Custom Beveled Circle Hood Design, Concept Drawing 1

Custom Cornered Circle Hood Design, Concept Drawing 2

Custom Square Hood Design, Concept Drawing 3

Final Concept Documentation:

Concept Documentation P09713

Air Handling Equipment Project Engineering Analysis Documentations

Engineering Specifications Preliminary Document:

Key List

Engineering Specifications Final Document:

Engineering Specifications Final Document

Fluids Analysis:

Eng. Analysis

Fluid Problem

Fluid Results Table

Custom Hood Concept Selection Table:

Design Trade Off Study for Air Handling Equipment

Concept Selection Winner

Air Handling Equipment Project Supplier Equipment Selection Documentations

Air Handling Equipment Documentations

Air Handling Equipment Selection Matrix

Air Handling Equipment Selection with Cost

Air Handling Equipment Project Equipment Supplier Quote Documentations

Shick equipment drawing and quote:


Custom vent hood bill of material:

Crystal Reports QUOTFORMV-4_1_RPT

Air Handling Equipment Project Equipment Test Plan

Equipment Test Plan Air

Air Handling Equipment Project Risk Mitigation


Air Handling Equipment Cleaning Procedure

Air Handling Equipment Cleaning Procedure

Air Handling Equipment Project Review

Design Review:

System Design Review

MSDII Design Review

Final Presentation:

Final Presentation MSDII

Final Packet

Final Presentation

Technical Paper and Poster

Technical Paper Outline

Technical Paper


Final Project Review (5/15/2009) - Presentation of Project Results

Final Presentation