P09721: Distribution Capacity Analysis at CooperVision


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CooperVision is the world's second largest producer of contact lenses. Currently they operate a 250,000 square foot distribution center in Henrietta, NY. CooperVision has not been able to properly determine their current capacity to complete orders with in the distribution center. Consequently, they cannot predict when they will be unable to fulfill future orders due to facility and equipment constraints. The company wants to know what their current capacity is and how best to fulfill staffing requirements to meet demand.

Additionally, process improvements will be identified and presented to the customer.

Team Lead:

  • Aaron Heyman

Customer Contact:

  • Sarah Pittman, Process Improvement Manager for CooperVision


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Distribution Capacity Analysis at CooperVision
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Process Innovation
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Prof. John Kaemmerlen (ISE)
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Prof. Andres Carrano (ISE)
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