P09721: Distribution Capacity Analysis at CooperVision

Identify Customer Needs

Table of Contents

Gather Raw Data From Customers

  1. Team met with Sarah Pittman on multiple through first few weeks of project
  2. Questions were generated as a team and presented to Ms. Pittman in informal sessions
  3. Interviews were important to understand how the CooperVision Distribution Center worked
  4. With out interview process team and CooperVison would have not been on same page for the goals of the computer tool
  5. Aaron Heyman presented preliminary customer needs to Jim F to garner more feedback

Interpret Raw Data in Terms of Customer Needs

  1. Customer needs were denoted with a numerical value to rank importance of each individual need
  2. Much debate within team was given to each numerical value
  3. Descriptions of customer needs were easy to understand and attempted to cover all aspects of project

Final Customer Needs

Specifications 1.1.ppt

Reflect on the Results and the Process

The customer need process is never ending and new needs will continue to be generated throughout entire project lifespan