P10001: Balance Training Bicycle 2.0


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The Balance Training Bicycle 2.0 is a project commissioned by the Nazareth College Physical Therapy Clinic. The first iteration was done in 2007 as a Multidisciplinary Design Project P08001. The Nazareth College Physical Therapy Clinic offers services to neurological and orthopedic physical therapy patients who normally could not afford physical therapy. Nazareth's office space and budget are both significantly limited, and their organization is unable to afford many machines available to mainstream physical therapy clinics. Therefore, the National Science Foundation funds the RIT Senior Design projects commissioned by Nazareth College.

The Balance Training Bicycle is derived from the need to bridge the gap between a stationary bicycle and a normal bicycle. Some higher achieving neurological physical therapy patients desire to return to riding a normal bicycle, but have lost some of the balance needed to do so. The Nazareth College Physical Therapy Clinic would like a piece of equipment that can provide the safety of stationary bicycle, but the balance challenges of a regular bicycle.

Final CAD Model

Final CAD Model

Finished Bike

Finished Bike

Project Name
Balance Training Bicycle 2.0
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Assistive Devices
Biomedical Systems and Technologies
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End Term
Faculty Guide
Dr. Elizabeth DeBartolo (ME)
Faculty Consultant
Dr. Matthew Marshall (ISE)
Primary Customer
Nazareth College Physical Therapy Clinic

Project Plan

MSD I Project Plan

MSD II Project Plan

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Detailed Design Review February 12

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