P10002: Dynamic Keyboard Phase I



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Text entry applications such as word processing, email notes and instant messaging all share a common keyboard scheme. For people who are deaf, these application tools have been effective in communicating with others who cannot sign. Though this project may help everyone, this may have a greater impact on individuals who are deaf. Once completed, a future project mission may be to discover new and untapped keyboard applications.

Premise: During the act of speaking and signing, the integration of thought and emotion occurs simultaneously and seamlessly with little overt thought. In contrast, text entry differentiates or separates thought and associated emotion. The keyboard only captures key strokes and thus loses emotional expression, even though the act of typing may carry some covert emotions. The goal of this project is to take these learned skills of speaking and signing and use them to enable us to enrich the value of text entry.

P10002 Dynamic Keyboard Phase I Project, will capture key strike dynamics. Starting in the Winter Quarter 2009, P10003 Dynamic Keyboard Phase II Project will integrate P10002 Phase I keys into a full keyboard. At the completion of Dynamic Keyboard Phases I and II, this family of projects will develop a dynamic keyboarding system in 2010.

Team Members
Alex Moulton- Team Leader, Mechanical Engineer
Marie Hammer- Mechanical Engineer
Andrew Robertson-Electrical Engineer
Xingwang Gao-Electrical Engineer

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Project Name
Dynamic Keyboard Phase I
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Project Family
Assistive Devices
Biomedical Systems & Technologies
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Faculty Guide
Prof. George Slack (EE)
Faculty Consultants
Dr. Daniel Phillips (EE); Dr. Elizabeth DeBartolo (ME); Dr. Pratapa Reddy (CE); Dr. Alan Reddig (CIAS)
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See PRP (Project Readiness Package) document below.
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See PRP (Project Readiness Package) document below.
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You will need to save these file with the extension *.pde and open them with either Arduino or Processing.

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MSD2 Schedule

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