P10002: Dynamic Keyboard Phase I

Mission Statement

Table of Contents

Collecting Project Background Raw Data

Interactions with Sponsors

Product Description/Project Objective Statement

We will need to research the interactions between user and keyboard while expressing emotion. Once the relationship is found an interface will be developed that exploits the human interaction. Sensors located under an individual key will determine the speed, force, and duration of keystroke and will associate that with an predetermined output which will signify an emotion.

Key Business Goals/Project Deliverables

Primary Market/Project Opportunities

Secondary Market/Project Opportunities

Assumptions and Constraints

Issues & Risks


The stakeholders are going to be the main customers like Prof. George Slack, other students working on the project, and the NTID supporters. They will all be putting their time and effort in making this project not only successful but hopefully inspire other project to form due to the research and development done by my team.