P10005: Balance Rehabilitation

Clinic Visit 30Sep09

Nazareth Teaching Clinic Visit

September 30th 2pm

reiterated concept from Monday's virtual meeting.

mentioned numerous times how important it was that the game was interesting.

Wasn't really sold on the game at first, but she thinks it might be able to work

Benchmark to PT simply holding an object and the patient have to touch it. Can't be the same/worse than that

Mentioned the screen in the middle telling the patient what to press and JJ was not sold on that idea.

Reading is difficult for patients and would be a lot of work

Visual memory isn't always high

Distances-pull tape to measure distance from board to shoulder

observed two physical therapists doing balance training with patients.
had cones and asked the patients to touch the objects.
Talking to David Sprout Engineer in PT

Recommends reaching for beer- would be motivation

Would like to see a mock-up! - Should go back next week Wednesday at 2pm.

What types of things does the physical therapist write down when they are doing the therapy?

Identify Customer Needs