P10005: Balance Rehabilitation

Concept Design Review Notes

10/9/08 notes P10005

Is this it more detailed risk analysis?

Other risks I can think of:

Device won't be stable when client activates buttons
Data won't be recorded
Device will take too long to set up/won't be used
Towers won't communicate
Device will be hard to move
Device won't track all elements of patient progress, distance between towers.
Visual CUES, not Queues
May be helpful to have JJ rank needs differently: which of these is more important, for all combination of needs. This would give you an ordered ranking, not just feedback that says these are all important.
Clients, not patients, I think this is the term Naz uses.
Need to actually describe the concepts you came up with!
Needed to prepare more for this review, this had a very disorganized feel. :You prepared for a presentation, not a discussion that might change direction depending on audience questions.
Did you consider targets that hang from the ceiling, or targets that attach to the client somehow?
Continuous button, there are ways to make any point on the tower register a touch
Incremental changes in reach are a big deal, take you out of your comfort zone.
Home base for device, a charging base that stays put where the towers go. :Candela is an example of this product.
Electronic fabric
Competition between patients
Game and towers may need to evolve in parallel, but they are not universally compatible
No discussion of auditory feedback yet, this adds to the game experience. :Jeff made a good point, audio may be a next generation project. Make sure you allow for being modular.

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