P10005: Balance Rehabilitation

Concept Design Review Outline

Project Design Review notes Game response time


Functional diagram

customer screening
Have buttons light up to simulate same movement.
Have button need to be held for a couple seconds
  • center of mass movement.
  • How to physically orient.
Angle distance.
Are conditions identical from session to session, angle, seat height.
Need to know variables.
Continuous buttons, height change , different number of buttons
MORE BUTTONS says dave.
  • Talk more with patients PT and JJ. Need more input. Relate to things they have but what is it thay they really want the patient to do.***

DEfinetly need continuous buttons, when therapist works with you just moves hand inches at most. Work at the border of comfort zone. Sometimes just finger to punching hand as falling. Have game move little higher little higher or little farther little farther. Having continuous buttons change games

yes and no, computer control light areas. Leds light up sections and change as they are pressed
create more interesting games and challenges
improve games on final design
  • leaving design open enough to design elements is good, look at how one can drive the other, simplicity and elegance allows for infinite designs or games***


Useful to have post identify point of incline that they do fall over. WEEBLE WOBBLE = bad?

Possible have horizontal to touch as far as you can. What if tower pivots to horizontal position?


Have rechargeable battery, what a pain to replace, but wires will be cumbersome and in the way, hinder portability

How to make heavy enough not to tip.

Some point mass will inhibit portability.

Candelis battery? Sit on base, toothbrush.. sit on base to recharge.


Multiple surface buttons, competition between patients

Fabric buttons? Deflection and location.

Maybe audio for next generation

Completely visually impaired? Back to the ball analogy, keep part of dialogue but may not be in design.

Audio cue telling where to touch. Sound louder and quieter.

Vibrator motors.

Presence and variability of sound. Create sounds. Sound important for eligibility

Emit sound from device? Or audio somewhere else?

Pick up data from base and play tones? Play music

Mimic sound of pole? Use auditory element while engaging balance component.

Multiple rehabilitation at once.

Stay simple, input and output, stand alone games, 5.99 1.99, reall simple with profound effects

With Dr. DeBartolo
Is sound something that could be integrated in a next iteration
Ways could we incorporate timed touch
Do they wear gloves- capacitance buttons

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