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P10005: Balance Rehabilitation

Customer Visit 19Nov09

What are they used for on the Bike
They are used to show where the bike is in relation to their leaning
What's the problem with them?
It isn't so much that they aren't bright enough they are just small for what they are showing.
What day does the clinic open back up
Last week in January
Will you be here before we can bring it in and show you
2nd week in January
Would you mind the patients holding something or having a Wrist band
As long as it has instructions with wrist coach
Directions stay attached to device
Storage case for towers
wouldn't mind a Hamper
Wheels on the hamper
Battery pack
Specialized batteries
Give you part number in user manual
On lid for battery
Alternate and charge battery overnight
Made other notes in System Analysis
Output of success failure
Mark towers
Mark locations
If the distance from the tower to the patient was off by 1/4 of an inch is that a tolerance you can handle
Even if she had exact measurements she would round down.
Saw the light.
Likes it!
Sheet that runs in the same order as the screen and has fill in the blanks
Show in week 2

Team Meeting Minutes