P10005: Balance Rehabilitation

Customer Visit 26Oct09

Table of Contents

Discussed importance

Objective physical measurement
Physical object to touch
How accurate - no physical measurement needed
Tracking small incremental change


Discussed 1 foot base on each. Concerned with these things taking up 5 feet of space Possibility of stacking bases

Versatility in storage
Functional reach - documented research
12 inch reach = not at risk for falls
Idea 1 and 2
Rather have touching
Laser measurement
Incremental steps ( 6-8 Buttons)
As far as function
Buttons at least 6-8 goals NO more than 10
Used pole and physically showed us that 6 would be enough. The small incremental change is not necessary because many patients do not have that accuracy. Just wants to mimic different heights around the house.
The current process does not track centimeter incremental change, so it isn't something JJ is interested in at this time.
2 posts would give you back and forth movements
Objective measure - functional reach - sitting reach
Idea 3
Wouldn't be able to push enough for it to benefit
Can not take up a lot of space.
Would like to know starting and ending positions

No games yet - not a concern at this point

Was interested in possibly challenging each other, however:

Monday at 3pm all 6 people are highly they can play with each other a lot of times they don't have a lot of people at the same level

Other Questions

Would the ability to print patient tracking data be helpful? If so, we will need to purchase a printer for the kiosk.

Adding printer to the obstacle course Receipt tape to print out data. Future designs similar to obstacle course

Something for future - small and easy

Get a read out

Would the information need to be stored in a secure manner, i.e. password protected, so that the system couldn't be easily accessed?

Use patient number - if they were going to use data for research

Having only one laptop for this

Figure out a system of where to keep it.

Objective measure = research project


Not concerned that games may not be feasible at this point

Would rather have two posts than just one(especially since there is no game)

Not concerned with EXACT measurements ( 6-8 Buttons )

VERY interested in distances 3D measurement for functional reach.

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