P10005: Balance Rehabilitation

Dr. DeBartolo office hours 21Oct09

Elizabeth DeBartolo: Hi Rochelle, I was just going through my emails and saw that you had emailed me yesterday.

Rochelle Perry: I know your office hours are almost over. I'm sorry my SWE meeting went over.

Elizabeth DeBartolo: No problem - I would have gotten back to you yesterday but I took the night off (!) and was in class and meetings all day today. What's up?

Rochelle Perry: ya i know i've been trying to catch up

Rochelle Perry: I was just wondering if you got a chance to look at the stuff from Friday.

Rochelle Perry: we were going to work on Tuesday, but wanted to make sure we were going in the right dricetion still.

Rochelle Perry: we also wanted to talk to you about the rubric. What exactly you were looking for in some areas, because I think we've done them but were stil missing points

Rochelle Perry: would it be easier to come to youer office tomorrow?

Elizabeth DeBartolo: I've gone through some of it and am looking at the risk assessment now. I did get your note about the new concept screening/selection and dont' see that online. Should I be looking in googledocs or edge?

Elizabeth DeBartolo: I do need to update the rubric based on the new work once I've gone through it.

Rochelle Perry: at this point they should be the same

Rochelle Perry: idea generation is on on edge yet

Rochelle Perry: though

Rochelle Perry: the spreadhseet i just have a link to the google doc for now because we were all working on it at once

Elizabeth DeBartolo: OK, maybe I need to look somewhere else. I see the googledocs file for concept screening and I see things like the Wii and other benchmark products, but not yours.

Rochelle Perry: that is old

Rochelle Perry: hang on i'll send you a link

Elizabeth DeBartolo: Never mind - found it.

Elizabeth DeBartolo: The date on Concept Screening was 10/20, which was why I looked there.

Elizabeth DeBartolo: But I found it in the old Concept Selection file.

Elizabeth DeBartolo: OK, now I don't follow this file. I see the revised concept screening for structure, but the rest doesn't seem to be any different.

Elizabeth DeBartolo: For example, I see things like vertical keyboard and the theremin ID-ed as Yes, this moves to the next step, but I don't see them in the concept selection.

Rochelle Perry: because it didn't make it to concept selection based on the pros and cons in the file in google docuemtns

Rochelle Perry: should they have moved through to selection? based on the numbers in screening

Elizabeth DeBartolo: So I saw three new ideas int he screening that were marked as Y in the Continue row. That means those ideas move on to concept selection.

Elizabeth DeBartolo: That said, I think some of these ideas could go forward simultaneously. For example, the theremin or touchpad array or vertical keyboard could be used with a post-type structure. So it doesn't necessarily make sense to make exclusive choices.

Elizabeth DeBartolo: I think some of the ideas put under the structures tab could be targets. They basically refer to how the user interacts (physically) with the system.

Rochelle Perry: we had talked about that...but weren't sure how to convey it...example putting the therain with some of the other ideas

Rochelle Perry: yes i agree about moving some of the structures to targets

Elizabeth DeBartolo: actually, looking through that list, most of those new ideas really refer to targets, or the way the user interacts with the device.

Rochelle Perry: I think the different between structure and target were only made bcause originally we were limiting ourself to buttons and a board

Elizabeth DeBartolo: The only one that is really related to the struture is the hanging idea and the weeble idea.

Elizabeth DeBartolo: Yeah, all the target ideas are basically buttons.

Rochelle Perry: yes could we just comibine the two because i really think a target would really depend on what the structure is now

Rochelle Perry: like for instance most of those you wouldn't need buttons

Elizabeth DeBartolo: I think they could still be fairly independent. You could use the keyboard idea whether it's a tri-fold or a keyboard mounted on just a vertical post.

Rochelle Perry: yes true

Rochelle Perry: ok we'll work on that more

Elizabeth DeBartolo: OK, so do you want me to keep going through these documents and just send you the team feedback (revised rubric)?

Elizabeth DeBartolo: It'll probably be end-of-day tomorrow before I finish.

Rochelle Perry: all right that sounds good. I just wanted to make sure the rubric we sent you didnt' include the things we had been working on.

Elizabeth DeBartolo: I haven't updated it since right after hte concept review.

Elizabeth DeBartolo: So no.

Rochelle Perry: I had questions about some of the things on the rubric such as the first one on the second page

Rochelle Perry: System Analysis (Translation, Specification, Flow-down)

Elizabeth DeBartolo: Ah, thank you.

Rochelle Perry: Sorry I had to find it. I thought I had a hard copy somewhere.

Rochelle Perry: Customer Needs translated to system-level Functional Specs; Functional Specs flow down to Engineering Specs; Engineering Analysis complete to establish Ideal/Marginal Target Values

Rochelle Perry: was this just based on the fact we haven't chosen a concept yet so those things will chance

Elizabeth DeBartolo: Well, and the last time I looked, there were still engineering specs that weren't specs - things like that.

Rochelle Perry: all right was that before the design review?

Elizabeth DeBartolo: But yes, it also needs to be updated once the form of your final design is chosen.

Elizabeth DeBartolo: Oh, I just closed my googledocs window. I thought I checked during the design review - have they been updated?

Rochelle Perry: not since the design review. If they need more work we can work on them, we just thought that we had fixed the engineering specs and customer needs right before the design review

Elizabeth DeBartolo: Maybe I was looking at an old file.

Elizabeth DeBartolo: We can take a look through anything you have questions on on Friday.

Rochelle Perry: All right except for idea generation everything should be on edge

Rochelle Perry: one more thing sorry i know it's getting late

Elizabeth DeBartolo: So we can all sit down together and I'll know I'm looking at the right (up-to-date) files.

Rochelle Perry: can you look at the questions for JJ so I can contact her? Then we were going to go visit on Monday.

Elizabeth DeBartolo: For the second two, those sound fine.

Elizabeth DeBartolo: For the first one, that depends entirely on what measure you're using, right? I mean, if it's time, then seconds. If it's distance they reach in a stable manner, it could be reach distance, movement of center of pressure, reach height, angle of torso, etc...I'm just making these up. But the idea is that until everybody knows what the measure is you can't ask about accuracy.

Elizabeth DeBartolo: Does that make sense?

Rochelle Perry: no that makes sense

Rochelle Perry: i agree

Elizabeth DeBartolo: The other thing that actually came up in a meeting with the DPM students working on next quarter's projects was that JJ mentioned that basically there is a task that the patients are being trained for no matter what they're doing.

Elizabeth DeBartolo: For example, with the upper extremity exerciser, they are training to be able to reach out and up to grab something.

Elizabeth DeBartolo: she mentioned to the students that she may get excited about some of the ideas that students come up with but needs to make sure everybody understands that no matter how cool the idea, it needs to help accomplish this task as a primary goal.

Elizabeth DeBartolo: So if i were to ask you what task the users of your machine are training for, could you answer that question?

Rochelle Perry: isn't it just reaching

Rochelle Perry: or you mean task like putting something away

Elizabeth DeBartolo: Well, I don't know - is it just reaching? Is it leaning? Reaching the arm out? Holding a position? Stabilizing themselves? All of the above?

Rochelle Perry: i would say all of the above. You see I think we are simulating the training they already do

Rochelle Perry: where they lean to the cone

Rochelle Perry: which wouldn't just be one task

Rochelle Perry: right?

Elizabeth DeBartolo: I can't say right - but I would recommend this as a fourth question for JJ. Maybe come up with a one-sentence statement about the training task(s) you are designing for and have her confirm it or modify it.

Rochelle Perry: all right

Elizabeth DeBartolo: Wow, and I just realized it's quarter of 10 - I need to get going! I will be around tomorrow, although I have a few meetings in the morning and afternoon. Otherwise I'll see you Friday. OK?

Rochelle Perry: All right sounds good.

Rochelle Perry: Thank you. Sorry I kept you so late. I lost track of time I'm still sitting in 2139

Rochelle Perry: lol

Elizabeth DeBartolo: Sorry to cut you off like this!

Elizabeth DeBartolo: Yikes! You need to go home, too...

Elizabeth DeBartolo: Be careful walking around campus this late!

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