P10005: Balance Rehabilitation

Dr. DeBartolo-2

Interactions with Sponsors

Followup Sponsor Interview-DeBartolo
Interviewers: Jeff Rebmann, Rochelle Perry, Yi Xie
Sponsor: Dr. DeBartolo
Date 1 April 2009
Jeff: We talked to Marshall, he said he had nothing
He said in an email it was a reminder to reconnect but nothing for this dpm quarter
Jeff: We talked to dr Phillips, wanted combination but more interested in finishing motion tracking.
Wanted a grant to spend more on bicycle project.
Jeff: Have you talked to Marshall or Phillips?
Jeff: Meeting with jj
Probably not a bad idea. I will send her an email and copy your addresses. Shes hard to get a hold of. Coordinates PT in addition to teaching. Be efficient when communicating with her. Come up with a set of questions for the three of you at once. Face to face will b harder to do. She would be the next person to get input from
Rochelle:Dr hensel mentioned he was more into the roadmap
Roadmap for naz is something like to pursue but also for roadmap for this project family as well. Integrate into classes.
Rochelle: Would it be more like a one person project? Hensel suggested a 3 man team like the wegmans project.
Want to see upper extremity exerciser in a specific and general way. Being able to see the future for a specific project like the exerciser (incorporate motion sensor). If more work is needed in the motion tracker, it could be a potential.
From looking at the Wegmans road map project, they ended up with 3 well defined project ready to go, but we don't actually need that, to look at this as an avenue to focus the collaboration btw rit and naz to developing new tools/projects. Ex) focus on a data collecting instrument and seeing how far it could go and what it could be incorporated with in the future.
Obstacle course tracking method right now is limited. Still a reliance on therapist to make notes on projects. Could be linked with the motion tracker.
One project could be to refine the motion tracker. Another would be to integrate with the motion tracker the arm exerciser and obstacle course and balance trainer. Another would be to figure out future project that could be incorporated with the motion project.
One of the constraints would be to design a project so that it can be ready to be integrated with the motion tracker.
Her biggest goal is to prepare for more projects with Naz. Understand project better so manpower and resources can be properly allocated in the future. Just want something to help continue this line of projects.
Open Action Items:
Contact Hensel to get suggestions, contact Brown for more info on motion tracker. Come up with potential project list.

Mission Statement