P10005: Balance Rehabilitation

Email Meeting Professor Slack 8May09

Review of Customer Needs, Staffing, and CE Consult


Thank you again for meeting with me last Friday. I had some time to look over the website, and sent the basic video game concepts to our customer, to see if there were any she preferred or wanted with improvements of course.

We mentioned a little in the meeting about staffing requirements and what this project would entail. I was wondering if you had a minute if you could look over my staffing requirements and see if I am on the right track.

Staffing Requirements

I am not sure about exact numbers because I do not know exactly how staffing teams in senior design works. I think it would be all right for the team if we had one less CE as well. I pointed out in my Risk assessment, that the difficulty of the video game would be reflected by the amount of CE's we could have.

Also you'll notice I added you as a faculty consultant. Would you mind consulting for this project? In our meeting Friday you mentioned the professors in the IT gaming department, but I was wondering if you knew who I could talk to in the CE department?

Thank you for your help!

Professor Slack


I read the Customer Interview document and you can bring me up to date. JJ mentioned Wii Fit. This may be an interesting thought to integrate Wii Fit, Wii Balance Board and Matt for wheel chair bound patients. Wii Fit may be a better solution than what we discussed since this certainly would offer more options and more interest for their patients. I have tried the Wii Fit balance game and perhaps this could be integrated with the Matt idea for wheel chair people. Perhaps the Wii Fit balance board could be modified more easily. I know the game measures side to side forces but I'm not sure if there is a front to back forces. Is there a need for the front to back force sensing? The problem would be trying to figure out Will interface if you decide to integrate the Matt. It may be interesting to check with Wii to see if they are already thinking about this application since they already have all the pieces. Who knows, they may be interested in this project as a new and lucrative application. I know many Nursing Homes have Was to offer mild exercise routines.

Wii Fit


Thought you might enjoy this http://johnnylee.net/projects/wii/ See the third Wii application called Head Tracking for Desktop VR Displays which might have an application in tracking patient movement and balance. I'm not sure if this meets Nazareth's needs but you may get some ideas from it, plus it removes the balance pad.

Johnny Lee teaches at Carnegie Mellon.