P10005: Balance Rehabilitation

Email questions 12Oct09

Do flashing lights affect any of your patients? I think flashing lights in general are a bad idea, but I wasn't sure if you could provide a medical insight in this matter.
While we wouldn't design for our device to have flashing lights, if they turn on then off there is a potential for it to seem like flashing. Flashing lights can be distracting. Also -I am not sure I have any patients that flashing lights induce a migraine or seizure, but probably better not to find out.
Do you have patients who have both limited visual and limited hea or the other? This was a question we thought of when we were trying to explain why we wanted visual and audio feedback.
I don't know of any with both. BUt having both auditory and visual is not for patients who are lacking one of these senses - it is because some patients respond better to one or the other PLUS it is a better way to promote neuroplasticity by utilizing multiple systems. SO having both is critical.
If there was sound, would we need to provide headphone? This was a question Dr. DeBartolo asked, but I just wanted to double check. I think in previous conversations you said that the audio feedback was also helpful for your Physical Therapists.
It would be better if we could hear what they hear.
Along that same lines do you have a patient we could show different sizes lights and brightnesses to so we can to different configurations?
I could always find a patient. NOt a problem.
Then one more thing from Monday's meeting virtually- We discussed numerous times can you describe how therapy is done where you like the ability to have the PT puts the patient in the position. I know in the meeting we went back and forth on that in the meeting. We wanted to make sure this was still a need you want, because we don't want to miss it in our needs we have documented.Sorry but I don't understand what you are asking in blue above.

Can someone help reword that question?

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