P10005: Balance Rehabilitation

Generate Product Concepts

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Step 1. Clarify The Problem

Step 2. Search Externally

Step 3. Search Internally

microprosessor board
full 2d motion buttons -
Pros: keep patient interest, more game options, increases difficulty
Cons: expensive, multiple axis control, wire control, not easily fixable, decreases portability, decreases number of buttons being used at a time.
Pros: unlimited game options. keep patient interest. unlimited levels of difficulty. Straight up Baller!!!
Cons: EXPENSIVE, fragile, size limits, portability.
stationary target
Pros: simple, easy, replaceable, with games could keep interest. Easy measurement for PT. Cheap. Multiple game options. Easily Wireable.

No issues with mechanical moving parts. easily portable

Cons: No height adjustabile. Hard to measure progress when can never reach the button to start.
movable target
Pros: Same fixed. Increases game options and progress measurements. Simple movements ( ie, clips or hooks). Replaceable
Cons: Increased length of wires. Could get messy and cause accident. Target could fall and break if not careful.
multiple targets
Pros: Increase game options, Increase patient interest.
Cons: Wiring, portability, budget
single target
Pros: simple, easy measure for PT
Cons:boring, limited game options.
disconnecting targets
Pros: game options, unlimited adjustability. simple adjustment of difficulty. Could keep patient interest by constantly making harder.
Cons: wiring. Drop and break, risk of losing button?
Would she move this or the computer move this?
Mobile buttons
Same as 2D full motion buttons
tracks -define
Pros: Easy to measure distance changes. Keep patient interest. ^ Game options
Cons: Heavy, budget, controllable, portability, not easily repairable. Wiring. Sturdiness.
free motion
Pros: Yeah what?
Semi circular design
Pros: Constant radius. looks cool.
Cons: constant radius for one radius. Not adjustable distance from center.
adjustable panels
Pros: Adjustable, increase difficulty easily, easy measure of progress.
Cons: breakable. Increase difficulty of portability and wiring.
Pros: easy mobility, increase patient interest, easy measure for PT
Cons: portability, expensive, control, not accurately able to predict distance traveled (CPU)
hand crank
Pros: none
Cons: unnecessary work for PT. Not easy to fix.
What types of lights?
illuminated buttons
Pros: Simple, easy to replace, cheap. can keep patient interest. Easily programable for games? , eliminate target ambiguity
Cons: Extra power to be pulled, complexity
Pros:simple, cheap, use multiple to keep patient interest, led screen could count down or up numbers, show picture for games
Cons: Individually not enough to keep patient interest
little flat screens ( does this contain a button) is this additional to buttons or in the place of?
Pros: simple,count down or up numbers, show picture for games, easily replaceable?
Cons: budget, need additional buttons?
can it be zeroed out so that we can track measurements

how will we track measurements

is there something to sit on? We could have a pad that runs on a track with measurements on it, but then they can't sit in the wheel chair is the thing sitting provided in wheel chair We could have a pad that runs on a track with measurements on it, but then they can"t sit in the wheel chair

would sounds be generic or specific to task are they making a song? 8 bit music beep

What is the thing actually made out of NOT USING FOR NOW!!
Pros: Structurally sound, Easy to work with, Easily made sturdy. Stiff for button forces
Cons: can be heavy, portability issues, heavy if falls on patient or PT.
Pros: Cheap, easy to use, light, can be made sturdy.
Cons: Too Light? may need to add friction pads on bottom to hold in place. Stiffness may be an issue. Increase diameter = increased stiffness.
aluminum profile

carbon fiber

can we move the equipment and have a corner?
lean and touch things with their head

Rig Design:

o If laptop, power issues (needs to charge)

Pros: portability. Multiple games. Easy to use for PT
Cons: charging, needs to be plugged in if not charged.

o If desktop, needs to be plugged in at all times.

Pros: always charged, easy to use for PT
Cons: needs to be near wall. Possible kiosk for portability. Otherwise will be in a fixed position

o Programmable board comes with one game, start button would begin the game.

Pros: Simple, Easy to run, Portable
Cons: One game, lose patient interest, hard to measure improvements. Not replaceable
Pros: increase game options, increased patient interest. Simple to replace.
cons: Budget, safety of portability.

o Quantitative measurement of progress

Pros: quantitative measure of progress, keep interest.
Cons: none, patient frustration? ( not a concern)

o Timer on middle aux. screen

Pros: easily measurable, keep patient interest
Cons: Patient frustration. ( not a concern)
Pros: Fun, challenging, keep interest, simple but effective
Cons: none

o Each button corresponds to a note

Pros: Reward at end, keep patient interest
Cons: What if they are deaf or hard of hearing?
Pros: Entertaining, keep interest, varying levels of difficulty
Pros: Fun, interactive, gives PT something to do.
Cons: No real way of measuring improvment unless still changing angles every game.

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Step 4. Explore Systematically

Sketches from meeting 13Oct09

Idea Generation

Step 5. Reflect on the Results and the Process

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