P10005: Balance Rehabilitation

Meeting Minutes 10Nov09

Notes from Meeting 10Nov09 Capacitance Button- Biggest risk is this not working We want to buy a touch lamp so that we can know our basis. Red black no out put reading. Metal coil.

touch lamp has a low medium high sensor. We need one with on/off
Functional Reach
sensor in the patients hands
RFID to make power come from the reader not the
would have to put battery in the sensor
cap button material was ordered Friday
due in end of the week
will take 3-4 days to get cap buttons working for feasibility
larger screens dealing with pixels
memory to deal with complicated screens
only 55K
screen inputs both
concept on Screens and zigbee
screen with buttons on it ----Jeff and Andy research and add to concept generation
purchase the board
Jeff can interface the board
program to LED outs
Functional diagram of entire system
Functional Reach/Measuring patient
Sonar will not detect patient's finger
Do not have good hand mobility to hold something up in front of IR sensor
Technologies for wrist bands¬ Due Friday
friday schedule
outline MSD II
week 11 schedule
email DeBartolo
Email JJ
Managerial presentation
compile Evals
order MSP430
Action items to email out
team evals
email me schedule for next quarter
test plan by owner<--Friday schedule

Team Meeting Minutes