P10005: Balance Rehabilitation

Mike Walsh

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Update with Tech Support
Interviewers: Jeff Rebmann, Rochelle Perry, Yi Xie
Sponsor: Mike Walsh
Date 3 April 2009, Outside of the Deans office
Team Begins talking
We are stuck, some people are giving us specific things but we see a bigger need in a roadmap to develop future projects.
MW: Are you ok with the approach they want u guys to take?

Yea, it would be like the wegmans project from dpm last year. We want to see what debartolo and hensel think about that. There are only a couple projects defined.

MW: The good news is this is what you will run into in real life. Did you meet with hensel?

We think hensel has one thing in mind and the guide has another.

MW: When you see hensel, ask him what his expectations are for the mid project. Its good that you are taking it slow and making sure everything is working before moving forward.

My advice is go to hensel with a recommendation. Go in with a few steps in the problem solving process defined.

Mission Statement