P10005: Balance Rehabilitation

Minutes 25Oct09

Concept clarification to JJ

Sitting within scope
Height (possibly adjustable, not within design)

Two separate tests (IR:Reach, Capacitance:Touch)

Eight capacitance buttons
Two IR/Sonar sensors (Decision based on field tests)
5' tall, evenly spaced buttons/sensors

Mechanical - M

Electrical - E

Software - S

M Button shape and size TBD
M Stand/Base design and materials
M Lighting placement, color, etc...
E Wiring harness, capabilities, and board selection
SE Microcontroller
E Power
S Computer options, specs, etc... - display vs. computer
M Measurement (distance to patient)
S Data acquisition

ROCHELLE: Target Specs file is in wrong format

ROCHELLE: Reach Test, Functional - Conversation w/ DeBartolo

Functional Reach Test

Reference: Duncan, P.W., Weiner, D.K., Chandler, J. & Studenski, S. (1990). Functional reach: a new clinical measure of balance. Journal of Gerontology: MEDICAL SCIENCES, 45(6), M192-M197.

ROCHELLE: Clarification needed from DeBartolo concerning the Risk Assessment document

Tests: Range and accuracy of infared and sonar devices Power consumption (wired or battery) Ergonomics Capacitance sensitivity (accurate, yet static blocking) Slide Test Stability testing for tower (no slide, no tip) Bounds testing on software

Due Friday
Detailed Concept Screening - DO NOT use selection critera already in there -:add thoughtufl selection criteria
Read test plan on mycourses
Have all of your respective test plans outlined - based on Work Breakdown Structure(WBS)
Outline test plan - to go over with DeBartolo
Detailed Due Tuesday
System Archtecture - based on WBS - reference other groups

Rochelle Email DeBartolo

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