P10005: Balance Rehabilitation

Minutes from Friday Meeting 16Oct09

Dr. DeBartolo was out this day Jeff went home for the weekend Rochelle met virtually from California

idea generation comments - Share research from concepts we were introduced to on Friday

what other things did you find?

Concept improvement

Risk Assessment(did you see DeBartolo's notes and updated risk assessment) - template in excel set up so we can get working on it

Team Values and Norms- evaluations due next Monday!

Next steps -plan for the rest of the quarter -What should we talk to JJ about Questions concerns with JJ's response to questions -Work breakdown structure -What is everyone working on?

Post to edge by Friday! -- were these done?

customer needs/engineering specs everything in that document. Seperatly - Andy

concept generation - Luke

brainstorming in a node with pictures - Rochelle- done

Notes from today's meeting - Jeff

Notes from meeting with DeBartolo - Mike

Action Items
Questions for:

Where do we stand, what should we be looking at right now? We went through the concept selection and screening, and discussed the ideas that came up during our brainstorming session(s), we are still leaning towards the tower... At what point do we commit to the idea and begin looking at tower-specific, lower level design ideas?

We feel as though we may be behind as far as the grading rubric goes. Is this a valid concern at this point, or are we in good shape? Regardless, could we get some feed back on our current status and what items we should be progressing with?


What type of accuracy is required/desired for tracking patient progress (1.5 inch, etc)? Would the ability to print patient tracking data be helpful? If so, we will need to purchase a printer for the kiosk. Would the information need to be stored in a secure manner, i.e. password protected, so that the system couldn't be easily accessed?

could you reword these before sending them to Dr. Debartolo? She had mentioned wanting to screen them to make sure we get targeted responses...

Team Meeting Minutes