P10005: Balance Rehabilitation

Mission Statement

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Mission Statement Material


Dr. DeBartolo - 27March09 (Initial Previous Guide Interview)

Dr. Phillips - 31March09 (Initial Previous Guide Interview)

Dr. DeBartolo-2 - 1April09 (Initial Previous Guide Interview-Followup)

Dr. Brown - 3April09 (Initial Previous Guide Interview)

Mike Walsh - 3April09 (Technical Support Update)

Dr. Hensel-Road Map Direction - 7April09 (Admin Direction Meeting)

JJ Mowder-Tinney and Sara Gombatto - 21April09 (First Customer Interview)

Dr. DeBartolo and Hanzlik - 22April09 (Direction Approval)

Product Description/Project Objective Statement

Provide a product for physical therapy patients at Nazareth Teaching Clinic above and beyond what they currently have. A product for wheel chair bound patients who require a stimulating balance training tool. The Wii Fit currently can not be used to train patients who can not stand, and the Balance Master is redundant and the patients loose interest in it very quickly.

Key Business Goals/Project Deliverables

This product will meet customer expectations and provide a product above the products currently in the market, completing similar rehabilitation. The product will also increase the value of life for patients using the rehabilitation device.

Primary Market/Project Opportunities

Physical Therapy patients of all ages at Nazareth Physical Therapy Clinic. Specifically with multiple sclerosis, lower extremity amputation, spinal cord injury, or other wheelchair confining injuries.

Secondary Market/Project Opportunities

Assumptions and Constraints

Safety of the Patient and Therapist are of high importance. All safety issues will be considered in the design of this product. As well as providing a product that exceeds current product capabilities.