P10005: Balance Rehabilitation

Sketches from meeting 13Oct09

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Image:Dr. DeBartolo Sketches.jpg

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inspired ideas from Rochester Museum of play


Idea 1

Image:Individual posts.jpg

Touch and LED lights up
Based on force of touch how much lights up
Theremin capacitance button
Idea 2

Image:Individual posts2.jpg

picture of tower with capacitance buttons and LED bars
corresponding LED where you put your finger will light up
outer shell is input and output
Tower with it wrapped all the way around
Photodiode has adjustable sensitivity
Sense how covered you are
LED brightness based on photodiode
Sends data which determines proximity
Does it need to wrap all the way around?
wouldn’t matter where you are located. PT can touch it on the other side. Or if you could reach around it and touch the back.
2D would limit us and smaller footprint. Is that a good thing? Or a bad thing?
Could adjust the height

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