P10005: Balance Rehabilitation

Status update

Status Update

We established knowns and unknowns and established questions for JJ:

Customer Interaction Prep (this is a google doc we will upload once we complete. Then the actual results will be in the "customer needs" node)

Other Concerns:

CE consultant - IT or CS? - Revisit after needs are defined
Budget - affordable repairs
wii and balence board availability?
durability - make sure it's tolerant of abuse
wide range of patients
tied into complexity
focus on wheel chair bound
Do not want Need 2.1 safe range of motion. should allow for therapist to have to work with patients out side of safe range of motion.

Action Items
Read through deliverables check list the one that DeBartolo went over today
Read Team values and norms and have the following ready to discuss on Tuesday

Project Plan

Work Breakdown Structure

What to discuss with JJ - google document I shared with you should be finished by Sunday night


Establish Customer Needs and Target specs

Team Meeting Minutes