P10005: Balance Rehabilitation

Team Meeting Minutes

Table of Contents

Team Meeting Minutes

To find out which teammate is responsible for logging these meeting minutes please see third tab of weekly status update.

Weekly Status Update -- Team use only! Must have permission to access.

Work Breakdown Structure

Week 1

Status update - 11Sep09 (Caputuring "knowns" and "unknowns" and Team overview)

Week 2

Weekly Status Update 2

Meeting Minutes 15Sep09 - (Team values and norms and benchmarking)

Breakout minutes 18Sep09 12-3pm

Guide Update 18Sep09

Week 3

Weekly Status Update 3

Meeting Minutes 25Sep09

Guide Update 25Sep09

Meeting Minutes 25Sep09 - With Dr. DeBartolo

Week 4

Weekly Status Update 4

Meeting Minutes 29Sep09

Guide Update 2Oct09

Week 5

Concept Design Review

Weekly Status Update 5

Weekly Meeting Minutes 6Oct09

Concept Design Review Documents (SD I)

Week 6

Weekly Status Update 6

Sketches from meeting 13Oct09

Minutes from Friday Meeting 16Oct09

Week 7

Weekly Status Update 7

Dr. DeBartolo office hours 21Oct09

Notes from Friday Meeting 23Oct09

Week 8

Weekly Status Update 8

Minutes 25Oct09

Dr. DeBartolo office hours 26Oct09

Customer Visit 26Oct09

Weekly Meeting Minutes 30Oct09

Week 9

Detailed Design Review Documents (SD I)

Week 10

Weekly Status update 10

Meeting Minutes 9Nov09

Meeting Minutes 10Nov09

Week 11

Final Status update MSD I

Customer Visit 19Nov09