P10005: Balance Rehabilitation

Test Product Concept(s)

Preliminary Test Plan

For test schedule see MSD II Project Plan

I put names next to each test so we could identify who wrote it and who's responsible. Please download your test, then add a line or two about your results and then replace with the new file. Here is the link to the folder you can replace by clicking "edit" : https://edge.rit.edu/content/P10005/public/TestPlan

ES1.1 Game Response Time Complete

ES1.2 Patient to Target Complete

ES1.5 Height of Device Complete

ES2.2 Time to Sanitize Complete

ES2.3 Tip Test Angle Complete

ES2.4 Push Force Complete

ES3.1 Time to Understand Program Complete

ES3.3 Time to Disassemble Rochelle

ES3.4 Configuration Time Complete

ES3.5 Force Needed to Move Complete (Same as 2.4)

ES3.6 Optical Visibility Rochelle

ES4.1 Electrical Button Sensitivity see 3.4 configuration time

ES4.2 Replacement Parts

ES5.2 Accuracy of Patient Location Andy --Moved to Independent Study

ES5.1 Average Number of Levels Completed Complete

Usability of Users Manual Rochelle

Usability of Data Output sheet Rochelle/Andy