P10005: Balance Rehabilitation

Visit to Nazareth 15 Sep09

upperclassmen use wii
need to know patient can benefit from using the wii before they know it is helping
too much going on for most patients
some upper classmen use it to play golf?
other questions we might have?

Balance Master - by NeuroCom

do not like that it's stationary

two people spotting

two phases

too much going on - don't use it all

takes a long time to zero the patient and get them set up
patients experience fatigue
patients loose focus -- brain injury?
patients already have vision problems
can't take a step or they have to start over again

Balance Bike - still broken but Luke wants to fix it
auditory and visual queues
lights on bike are too small -----NEED
visually impaired patients need to be able to see feedback

Auditory good for students as well so if they are focusing on holding the patient they know when they've reached the required point.

cognitively impaired patients don't use

Flexibility of where she can put the Matt ---NEED
equipment she already has and would like to use it on

asses baseline ability
shows what they did/didn't do
if possible distances of how far they can move
improvements tracked (based on baseline)
reaction times
How to display information
need to be portable
cost effective
easy to use
something in their hands? ---let's talk more about this she was thinking that would provide feedback but we were thinking they could just add weight
DELETE safe range of motion need
want them to be able to make mistakes
if patient doesn't fall they won't learn how to correct themselves when they do fall in the future
has to challenge them
always students responsibility to catch
(Rochelle got "safe" need from looking at the UEE project)
something fun but not too distracting --NEED
Wheel chair sizes - we will need something more engineering behind this I think?
18x18 - Normal size
20x20 - larger patients


questions emailed to JJ - Due Friday afternoon so she can answer over the weekend
list of questions for Mike and Andy - CANCELED reschedule for later int he quarter and will include:
questions for patients
questions for therapists
For Mike and Andy when they visit: The schedules is full, but some people might not come in so you just have to be flexible. she might have time to show you the balance master and other devices that RIT has made in the past. Then you can observe balance training at a few of the

When we get farther along we can observe patients actually training balance.

Patients who are highly responsive. Beth comes in at 1pm and Mike at 2pm.