P10005: Balance Rehabilitation

Weekly Meeting Minutes 30Oct09

drawing of tower Flat surface colored LED strips covered with clear plastic 1/2 inch thick 5" wide 5' tall 6-10 capacitance buttons weight = 22 lbs base = 20 lbs

Test plans
Range/accuracy IR
Power consumption
Capacitance sensitivity
slide test
stability testing
bounds on software
  1. Target
  2. Achievement
  3. Actually touched

What else do we need to do?

Luke's Notes

Notes 10/30 with Dr. DeBartolo Look into channel shaped rather than making four sides.

Two colors of LEDs per button. Up to Jeff and Andy.

How do decide the space of buttons

Light up target and if they miss light it up in a different color. Visual notification of FAIL!

Look into weight for pvc structure.

Look at better way of base. Cut in half and use pins. Locking hinges fold legs up and down. Doesn't need to be hinge. Swing down and something locks it into place.

Do tipping analysis before we look at base.

Use metal buttons as support. Clouded plastic to cover LEDS

Sag of flex for something that tall.

Hinge at top for support leg.

Detail design review

Build in series to make modifications to the second one.

Meeting number 2

Do statics calculation to determine moment before tipping.
Go through risk assessment.
Mock up, go through session with her and make sure what she is writing down and what we can give her are the same. Make sure we are giving her useful information for progress tracking.
Button variability to get multiple patients. Short patient not have access to enough patients
IR placement to measure functional reach not able to measure all patients
Reasons for tipping
Top heavy, base not big enough, weight distribution.
Actions to take would be calculations and such
Change Specs
Tip test good to assess stability
Crash test (how many times tipped before it stops working) Durability.
How to do this without tipping it over
Microcontroller stops working.
What if start reaching and don't stop in time and knock over tower?
how far will patient overshoot target
Get target value for test to make sure wont push over tower.
Do not expect them to make any repairs, sooo make sure nothing breaks
percentage of parts that are at risk of breaking that are catalog items that are just unplug plug not gonna happen
Needs to provide therapist with time to button and location of button.
Accuracy of patient location and button location, in target specifications.
Spec for tracking patient movement is wrong shouldn't be size of database.

Risk assessment, needs and specs because have to show that they are being met. :Specs need to be consistent with target values.

Doing stuff in risk assessment needs to be done and set up.

Team Meeting Minutes