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P10005: Balance Rehabilitation

Weekly Meeting Minutes 6Oct09

Design Review Prep and weekly tasks

concept screening updated? o posted to edge? - see below other things to post to edge by Friday

Concept selection

Project plan

I will by tomorrow night have added a time line, anything else to add?
I think we have more risks. What are they?
Design review - Friday at 10am in Xerox
who's coming
Dr. Reddy - Andy
mechanical engineer? -DeBartolo said we don't need one unless one of you ::Dr. Phillips, Hoople? - Jeff
Dr. Marshall - Rochelle
JJ can't come- or Dr. Gombatto- Contacting Bill Brewer in Medical Science- Rochelle
David Sprout - Rochelle
Industrial Design professor-Alan Redding - DeBartolo
what are we looking for our guests to provide
Pre packet finished
provide background to all of them by Wednesday Morning -Google doc set base work for discussion. Prep material
which other design review did everyone sign up for?
Concept to share with patient- mockup
For Design Review on Friday
Bring to clinic following Monday

Working meeting sparked more brainstorming:3 Concept selection doesn't have a way to show engineering difficulty

Post was thought to be bad idea.

May actually work

Discussion to work out how posts could work


Issues: if poles were movable you wouldn't know where they were before Need a mat to track distance from pole to pole

idea: protractor mat to be in front of patient then distance would tell you your angles

Needs to be better than what PT are doing now. It is very simple to have them touch your hand.

-will have to set up distances -will have to measure angles -input into computer

Modular design

Hub=microcontroller with usb inputs


start --> how many posts --> post locations --> patient information(recall from existing or new?)


each post would be modular wire each post to computer


-draw modular design

Make out of plastic and build out of opaque plexi glass recess button so it is flush with the button

Functional diagram <--See Design review prep

visual queues power device config objective(buttons)



rehabilitation visual feedback audio feedback progress tracking