P10007: Mechanical Spine Platform

Dr. DeBartolo-April 1 2009

Interview with Dr. Beth DeBartolo

First Sponsor Interview
Interviewers: Jeff Rebmann, Rochelle Perry, and Yi Xie
Sponsor: Dr. DeBartolo
Date: 1 April 2009, Dr. DeBartolo's Office 09-2051

Interviewer(s): We spoke with Dr. Marshall and he said that he was not aware of any projects that would be available for us to pursue. If anything came up, he would let us know.
Sponsor: He sent an email back to me say that your group seeing him was a reminder to begin reconnecting with the NSF organizations. However, there will most likely not be anything for DPM this quarter.
Interviewer(s): We spoke to Dr. Phillips and he was interested in the integration of motion tracking and the upper extremity exerciser. He seemed more interested in making the motion tracking device more robust first though.
Sponsor: Dr. Phillips wanted a grant to spend more on the bicycle balance project. I do not know the status on that.
Interviewer(s): Other than the email you sent out, have you spoken with either Dr. Marshall or Dr. Phillips?
Sponsor: No, I have not had any contact with them yet.
Interviewer(s): Would it be a good idea for us to meet with JJ Mowdey-Tinney ( contact at Nazareth)?
Sponsor: It is probably not a bad idea. I will send her an email and copy your addresses. She is hard to get a hold of though, so you may have to initially use email. She coordinates physical therapy in addition to teaching at Nazareth, so she is very busy. Be efficient when communicating with her via email in order to get the most out of the exchange. Come up with a set of questions for the three of you at once. Face to face will be harder to set up, however it may be possible. She would be the next person to get input from regarding your next steps.
Interviewer(s): We spoke with Dr. Hensel briefly, and he seemed to be more interested in a roadmap for the projects, what are your thoughts?
Sponsor: I agree with him. I think it is important to pursue the roadmap for Nazareth projects in the future. This will help build our relationship and grant. Also I would like to see a roadmap for integrating these types of projects in other classes in the engineering curriculum. this may require a roadmap for the entire project family, not specifically with Nazareth.
Interviewer(s): Do you see this roadmap as a one person project or all of us working on it simultaneously? Dr. Hensel suggested using the same format as the Wegmans group of projects from Fall quarter DPM.
Sponsor: I would like to see the upper extremity exerciser integration project defined specifically. I would like to see a specific future project like that. If more work is needed to make the motion tracking system more robust, then that could be an avenue to pursue as well. I think it may be possible to work on both project in parallel.
As far as a roadmap like the Wegmans projects, we may not necessarily need something like that. We should focus on data collecting instruments and seeing how far that could go and what they could be incorporated with in the future. Another focus could be the obstacle course. Depending on the state of the project after Dr. Phillips' student is done this quarter, it could require more work in an MSD setting.
One project could be to refine the motion tracker. Another would be to integrate with the motion tracker the upper extremity exerciser, obstacle course, and balance trainer. Another would be to investigate future projects that could be incorporated with the motion project. On of the constraints for upcoming project could be the integration with the motion tracking device.